Paul Corfield - A Country Idyll

A Country Idyll
On reflection this year has been all about looking back at the past, all three new releases borrow heavily from my past images. People often say you have to look back before you can move forward and this year has been about rediscovering myself as an artist. For the past few years I have been quite wrapped up in experimenting with various painting techniques, to the point where I was starting to forget how I originally used to paint and why I invented this style of mine in the first place. It hasn’t all been bad as I’ve really improved as a painter but it’s hard to continually experiment with technique in a business where ultimately the published image is the prime objective. In future work I will experiment more with ideas while the look of the work will become more polished. ‘A Country Idyll’ is a good place to start as it was painted back in January and was the first to be painted of the three in this release. January was not that long ago really, but to me it’s nearly forty paintings ago which seems an age. I love to paint images with everything receding, framed by woodland to the left and right to create a central space. I’ll also use bushes, roads, ploughed fields etc to try and make the eye follow certain directions as the viewer looks at the image. With this image everything is flowing into the distance towards the small white house and beyond which gives that sense of optimism. Like a lot of my work, it’s quite a simple image about a simple lifestyle but I find when you get a simple things just right it really doesn't need anything else. I’ll no doubt revisit this image again in the future as looking at it now while I write these notes it has given me more ideas.

Canvas On Board
Image Size 12" x 24"

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